Terms and Conditions

1. General Provisions

1.1 This agreement with the Client is between COINDOUBLER LTD. investment company ‘COINDOUBLER’ (the ‘company’), established in full compliance with the laws of the United Kingdom, and the individual (the ‘client’).

1.2 These regulations concern the provision of investment services by the COINDOUBLER Ltd. company ‘CoinDoubler’ to its customers. This provision must be read carefully and thoroughly by the client due to the fact that this document defines the terms under which certain transactions are conducted by the client.

1.3 Completing first payment by the client under this provision and receipt of this payment by the company is considered unconditional acceptance by the customer of the terms of this provision. The client agrees to comply with the internal rules specified in the paragraphs of this provision and is aware of his/her obligations to our company.

1.4 Should the client break at least one provision, the company assumes no liability to the client, and therefore disclaims all liability.

1.5 CoinDoubler reserves the right to make changes to these provisions at any time without prior notice.

2. Parties to the agreement

2.1 The Company ‘CoinDoubler’, referred to as executor, is under the obligation to provide consulting services to the client in the field of capital management and advise on major investment plans of the company.

2.2 An internet user is considered a client and therefore party to the agreement only upon opening an account on our website www.CoinDoubler.me and accepting our terms and conditions.

2.3 The user opening an account on our website must be of legal age in his/her country.

2.4 The client is obliged to provide accurate, reliable and complete information about him/herself. Should inaccurate information about the client affect any financial transaction, the company shall not be responsible.

2.5 The client agrees not to use the services of CoinDoublers for illegal purposes, money laundering or receiving illegal income.

2.6 The client accepts that all correspondence history with the client in all forms of written communication is recorded in order to improve the quality of our customer service.

2.7 CoinDoubler agrees to comply with the privacy policy which stipulates non-distribution of our clients’ personal information.

3. Terms and conditions

3.1 With each of the investment plans, the client may make a deposit for 7, 12, 24 hours.

3.2 CoinDoubler offers our clients 3 investment plans, the terms of which are laid out below:
Plan 1: from 0.005BTC to 0.014BTC - 200% After 24 hours.
Plan 2: from 0.015BTC to 0.029BTC - 200% After 12 hours.
Plan 3: from 0.03BTC to 5BTC - 200% After 7 hours.

3.3 The company does not entitle the client to withdraw the sum of the deposit in advance, all deposits are final.

3.4 At the end of the term specified in the investment plan, the client regains 100% of the initial deposit.

3.5 Having created a deposit, interest will be added the following day (unless that is a Saturday/Sunday).

3.6 The client gains profit each working day from Monday to Friday, excluding weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

3.7 Having created a deposit, the client has the right to transfer only one type of electronic currency to their deposit.

3.8 The client gains profit only in the currency of the original deposit.

3.9 The minimum deposit amounts to 0.005BTC.

4. CoinDoubler Partners Cooperation

4.1 As part of the partnership program, the company is obliged to pay a partner up to 12% of each deposit made by any client who has been invited by the partner.

4.2 Members who don't have any activity or have deposits less than $100, will earn 6% of each deposit made by their referrals as commission.

4.3 Members with more than $100 of active deposits, will earn 12% of each deposit made by their referrals as commission.

4.4 The partner is paid instantly the moment a client creates a deposit.

4.5 The partner will have the right to withdraw their reward or to use it to create a deposit.

4.6 The partner shall have the right to use the promotional material (banners) that the website provides to actively acquire customers.

4.7 Our clients will be entitled to become our partners or consultants and therefore receive 5% of referrals’ deposits. The company has the right to change the status of an active investor to the status of partner and automatically add the referral fee of 10%.

5. Final provisions. Force majeure.

5.1 Unless otherwise provided for within the regulations, or specified in other documents of the company, the client shall acknowledge that all transactions on www.coindoubler.site are made at his/her own risk. The client should be aware that previous performance does not guarantee similar index numbers in the future, so the client voluntarily gives money to the company to be used for consultation purposes.

5.2 CoinDoubler may suspend its operations and obligations to our customers if the company's operations are affected by such factors as: earthquakes, world economic crises, wars, technological disasters, strikes, epidemics or revolutions. In the event of such factors, the company may suspend its operations on the site.

5.3 The company shall not be responsible for hacked accounts. Such circumstances are beyond the control of CoinDoubler.

5.4 The company is responsible for the storage of personal data on the server, as well as for the safe operation of the server and the website in general.

5.5 This provision is legitimate based on the company charter registration documents of the CoinDoubler.

5.6 Legitimacy of this provision may be affected only by the United Kingdom or force majeure.

5.7 This provision remains legitimate in the case of changes to the conditions or the addition of new conditions by CoinDoubler.